If it must be compliant… talk to us.

Our core business is to provide seamless, cost effective solutions for our customers dangerous goods shipments on a global scale.

We have the experience to handle all processes. Air, Road or Sea.

With a network of competent, privately owned offices worldwide, as well as affiliations with other related worldwide organisations, we have the experience and ability to handle the entire shipment compliance process with the ability to turn your consignments around quickly and efficiently to meet their delivery deadlines.

All preparation aspects including the packing, documentation and labelling can be handled by our team of trained specialists. This provides relief for our customers as we negotiate our way around multiple complicated sets of regulations on their behalf, thus transferring all responsibility and liability to us. Once your goods have been collected, you can track the status of your consignment online via our real-time tracking facility with your reference number.

When the service is complete, you will receive confirmation that your consignment has been handed over, in good condition.

Compliant Days

Our DGSA trained staff are able to consult on the classification and regulatory requirements of your shipments giving you the ability to fulfil all legal requirements, while strategically planning the most efficient transport routes for you globally.

Project Cargo

We have the capability to handle any special projects for our clients. This is not limited to only dangerous cargo, but any project cargo that requires special attention due to size or weight. We have a proven track record of delivering bespoke solutions which are tailor made to fit the clients’ requirements and deadlines.

Time Critical & Temperature Controlled

Are you moving consignments on Gel Packs, Dry Ice or Liquid Nitrogen? Our swift service is specifically tailored for biological, temperature controlled, time sensitive and cryogenic consignments. We can assist you on a global scale ensuring that your consignment arrives in good condition, fully compliant and on-time.


We can assist with all aspects relating to the transport of dangerous goods by air, ensuring your consignments are compliant so that they can be delivered to your chosen recipients without any unnecessary delays during the chain of transportation.


For the bigger and more bulky consignments. We can make your consignments compliant to travel by Sea. This mode of transport can also compensate where goods forbidden for carriage by air under any circumstances can be carried in accordance with the IMDG regulations.


Through years of knowledge and experience and a thorough understanding of the ADR regulations, we can ensure that your consignments are distributed across borders and continents without any compliance issues. We can also advise on loading and compatibility of different classes.