Dangerous Goods Freight Forwarding

dangerous goods freight forwarding

Transporting Dangerous Goods

Hazmat Global Support Services are experts when it comes to Dangerous Goods Freight Forwarding. We specialise in the packing and transportation of a wide range of hazardous goods by air, sea and road.

Dangerous goods freight forwarding services allow us to transport a much wider scope of cargo shipments. Our experts will implement their finest Dangerous goods handling skills. Therefore this ensures your goods arrive to their destination fully compliant.

//Handling all types of Dangerous Goods

We hold extensive experience in handling all kind of chemicals ranging from class 1 to class 9, so you can be assured that our dangerous goods freight forwarding services will match your transport requirements

 If required, we also have the option to supply dry ice to ensure that temperature sensitive goods remain frozen upon arrival at the required destination.
Dangerous Goods are used extensively throughout all industries globally. Production lines are costly when operations are halted due to lack of raw materials. Hazmat Global Support Services delivers urgent consignments to production lines worldwide on a ‘just-in-time’ basis, ensuring production is not delayed.

// Trained to Regulation Standards

// Experienced Team

At Hazmat we have a highly experienced dangerous goods transport team who have been trained to the standards of current regulations. As a result this ensures that the documentation and packing of all hazardous shipments receive the highest priority.

// Dangerous Goods Regulations

Furthermore we can also arrange the repacking of chemicals in order to fulfil the requirements stated in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for airfreight, allowing for a quick and stress free transportation. Therefore we will make sure all of our clients receive a quality, reliable and professional service for the forwarding of your dangerous goods items.

Ready to transport your dangerous goods?

If you require dangerous goods freight forwarding and are interested in our transportation and packing services for hazardous materials, please contact us today to find out more.