Customs Clearance Support Services

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Customs Clearance Support Services 

Hazmat Global Support Services are the experts with assisting the customs clearance documentation and regulatory requirements, for the global transport of your goods.

We support with Customs entries every day. Therefore this makes us the trusted and reliable provider of customs clearance support services for you. We use local expertise to understand diverse Customs regulations. As a result this allows your shipments to be cleared quickly and efficiently every time, without any extra fines or delays.

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Every item that you export or import must comply with strict customs regulations. This is in order for it to be carried across international borders. Failure to do this will result in heavy fines and delays to your shipments.

We always make sure you are fully prepared. This is due to Hazmat providing expert, efficient and compliant customs clearance support services for the transport of your freight. We provide guidance and support throughout all stages of the process from start to finish. This involves talking you through the specific documentation you will need and submitting import and export customs entries on your behalf.

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Our DGSA trained staff are able to consult on the classification and regulatory requirements of your shipments. This gives you the ability to fulfil all legal requirements. In addition, we strategically planning the most efficient transport routes for you globally. Hence why our customs clearance support services allow you to enjoy a swift, efficient transportation process. This is without any delays or additional hidden costs incurred. Let us take the stress away from you.

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