DG Global Forwarding are not only geared to offer specialist transportation services…
… we also advise and consult on the classification and regulatory requirements for your shipment.

We are able to pack, raise documentation and complete all necessary customs requirements, while strategically planning the most efficient transport routes for all your consignments – globally.

In a world of heightened security and constantly changing work environments, the subject of shipping dangerous goods has become a minefield of complicated regulations and restrictions. This automatically creates demand for the specialist knowledge and experience that DG Global Forwarding has to offer.

We serve all major industries and can handle even the most restricted dangerous consignments whilst acknowledging global safety standards, and ensuring compliance with all relevant transport regulations and legislation.

Our strict ethical codes and the implementation of policies and globally recognised systems allows us to work in a safe and compliant manner to fulfil our customer’s requirements without exposing them to potentially litigious situations. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that public safety and the environment are always consider whilst offering a superior, quality service to our clients.